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Why Offer Promotional Events?

Updated: Jan 15

Why would you offer promotional events at your restaurant? Why WOULDN"T you offer them? There are just too many advantages to having a robust annual promotional events plan. From social media to up-selling opportunities, the advantages are endless.

Creates Social Content

Monthly or bi-monthly events are a great way to get image and video content. With a consistent flow of multimedia, you’ll always have the latest content in your marketing assets repository to use for promoting your restaurant..

Grows Your Customer Base

When hosting a promotional event, you’re advertising it on media event boards and social channels. This pushes your brand beyond existing customers to new audiences who are not aware of your amazing restaurant!

Increases Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, your events are reaching new audiences. And not only will your audience members grow, if your events are exciting and unique enough, they’ll surely garner the attention of local media outlets.

Retains Customers

40% of customers who have an enjoyable engaging experience at a restaurant event come back for more. Once you've shown someone’s family a good time, they can be your customer for life.

Stands Out From the Competition

Let’s face it, many restaurants don't do a great job on events programing. Operations may take too much of their time, unfortunately. That’s why you hire a pro and stay ahead of the competition. And the more innovative you get with your events, the more you'll stand out!

Word-of-Mouth Promotion

There is NO better promotion than positive word-of-mouth. 85% of diners will try a new restaurant because it was suggested by a friend. Read that again. So if you're throwing monthly events that are fun and engaging to the guests, your word-of-mouth reach will skyrocket.

Increases Top-line Sales

Finally, all the above, if done successfully, leads to an increase in top-line sales. When you implement an aggressive events programing into your marketing strategy, you increase participation, thus creating opportuities for more covers and increased check averages. Top-line sales may see anywhere from a 11-22% increase!

Catering Cross-Promotion Opportunities

This is one of your favorites. When you have consistent promotions & events programing, you create opportunities to cross-promote your catering department. When customers come in with their friends and family for events, you can give out Catering "bounce-back" coupons - perhaps a "first small order is 50% OFF' offer. Or collect business cards at your events so you can then market your catering business to them later.

If you're interested growing your customer base and brand awareness with innovative promotional events, contact us for a complimentary assessment and events strategy.

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