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Marketing Innovations - Engagement 2.0

Updated: Jan 15

Just what ARE marketing innovations?

INNOVATION /noun/: An innovation is an idea that has been transformed into practical purpose. For a business, this is a product, process, or business concept, or combinations that have been activated in the marketplace and produce new profits and growth for the organization.

For Keith Innovative, Marketing Innovations are unique Engagement Marketing packages that leverages a clients goods and services and compliments the trends of today. Marketing innovations are built out and scheduled for the sole purpose of attracting and engaging audiences, driving participation and increasing client sales.

With the world of hospitality ever changing, and most certainly evolving through Covid times, it takes much more these days to engage customers and keep them as brand loyalists. Gone are the days you can open up a hospitality business, promote a special and talk about great weather. You need engagement, and that takes innovative programs.

Not all marketing innovations are universally effective. There are innovations that are particularly hospitality nuanced and guest facing, and those are the Engagement Marketing Innovations that I specialize in!

Best innovation types for hospitality:

Seasonal & Holiday

There are tons of seasonal holiday opportunities to engage your guests and drive sales - this is a given. Leverage them to drive sales and engagement. Whether it be a Covid safety-friendly virtual Christmas cooking class, or a Summer Camp Grab & Go promotion, it’s easy to implement these year round.

Wellness & Sustainability

Consumers are more interested in wellness and sustainability than ever. We are seeing what can happen to our planet if we don’t take care of it and ourselves. Highlight your commitment to a better tomorrow by executing innovations that speak to sustainability and your business - how are you doing your part? Are you cutting food waste? Let’s show and promote it! Are you offering a healthier menu after the New Year? Let’s blast it!

Diversity & Inclusion

This is a provocative topic that has really trended over the past few years. Show that you care about Diversity & Inclusion by highlighting other cultures during their appreciation months. Is your Chef a woman? Let’s promote her with a ‘Women in Culinary’ campaign. Let your existing customers and prospective customers know that you are part of the conversation and are celebrating diversity.

Virtual Innovations

If Covid has done anything, it has forced the hospitality business to become agile and evolve with the “new normal”. Don’t have a seating area to engage guests? I have innovations for that! Through finely branded cooking shows or virtual restaurant walk-throughs with “meeting the team”, you still have opportunity to engage your brand followers and attract new customers. And if you can keep them engaged virtually, they'll surely show up onsite in-person!

For an exhaustive list of available Marketing Innovation programs, contact us to schedule a complimentary assessment and implementation plan.

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