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Engagement Marketing 101

Updated: Jan 15

Engagement Marketing programs, or as I like to call them at Keith Innovative, Marketing Innovations, are marketing & communication programs meant to make meaningful interactions over a period of time. They’re specifically built to attract and engage customers, increase participation and drive sales.

Everyone does the same thing marketing-wise; internet marketing, social media advertising, SEO, etc. With today’s connected and overwhelmed consumer base, people are seeing about 3,000 messages a day—out of which a person will remember an average of four. It’s time hospitality businesses try a different proven approach. If hospitality businesses are looking to thrive in the fast coming post-Covid era, it’s time to invest in marketing innovations that create a memorable guest experience that boosts customer retention and word-of-mouth promotion.

Advantages of Engagement Marketing

Engagement Inspire Emotions in Consumers

If you're offering programs that emotionally resonate with customers, you will create emotions that inspire customer retention and word-of-mouth promotion. 90% of marketing is about psychology and consumer sentiment.

Engagement Lets You Stay in Touch

Once you set the precedent for consistent culinary and promotional Marketing Innovations, customers will always look to see what you have coming next. And even more importantly, tell their networks! This creates lifelong #BrandFollowers.

Engagement Humanizes & Personalizes Your Business

People procure and do business with organizations that they trust. If you are activating engaging marketing programs that speak to today’s conversations (Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Seasonal Holidays, etc) you are showing that your business is relevant and therefore worthy of their continued patronage.

Engagement Makes Your Business Memorable

If you're running promotions and event innovations that speak to the trends of today, and offering up the highest hospitality during the dining experience, customers will remember and tell their friends. This promotes invaluable word-of-mouth promotion.

Engagement Expands Your (Social) Reach

When we’re promoting consistent Engagement Marketing programs/ Marketing Innovations, there is a natural ripple effect that allows for audience (and thus customer) expansion. Friends see friends RSVPing to a new promotional event, or they often share the event with their networks. This increases your prospective customer base!

If you’re looking to grow your business through engagement marketing, contact us for a complimentary assessment and marketing promotions & events implementation plan!

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